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In 2010, my daughter, Molly and I went to Ghana. We fell in love with Mr. Sam, Sarah and all the kids at the Achiase Children's Home. One day while we were cooking dinner by the fire, I asked Sara, “What is your dream? If you had a magic wand and could create your dream, what would it be?” She jumped up and took my hand and said “Mama J, come with me.” We walked on the narrow paths through the jungle and eventually came to an opening in a neighboring village. She said “that is my dream”. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful school. We held hands as we stood together realizing what this conversation could mean. After I returned home, I spent a lot of time thinking and praying about it. Finally, I realized, “We can do this! We can build a school.” We have been raising funds and with the help of family and friends, we have raised the money and I will be heading back to Ghana with several others to make it happen. Feel free to join us on this adventure as we go along.

Don’t Stop Until You Drop!

They are so creative. Even a wheelbarrow becomes a toy. Volunteers spend hours putting marker tattoos on the kids. Here is a small sample of her work. Blodge orchestrated a water balloon fight after their last day of school. Fun … Continue reading

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Work Hard & Play Hard!

The rooster wakes us as early at 3:30 am. I roll over and pretend like I don’t here it. By 6 am, there’s no more ignoring. The voices of the boys in the shower, the brooms sweeping, the giggles of … Continue reading

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Time Moves Differently!

Time seems to move differently here. It feels like we’ve packed a week’s worth of experiences into a 24 hour period. At the same time, the weeks seem to fly by. Thursday was the last full day of school. Many … Continue reading

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More Roof Pictures!

  The carpenters have finished building the rafters for the roof. The masons are busy smoothing the cement walls. The big decisions today are choosing the roof color and the wall color for the school. Mr. Sam wants one color … Continue reading

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Pictures of the School Roof Being Built

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Week Two! The Building Continues.

The school is moving along well. The brickwork for the 2nd floor is complete. The carpenters began building the roof. It seems to be going up quickly. Yesterday, the volunteers and kids helped to move wood to the second floor … Continue reading

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The Travelers!

  Amy, JoDee, Robbie & Mitch at the Accra Airport. Blodge already got a phone number from a customs agent. He thinks they should marry.  

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Welcome Back to Ghana!

Our journey began on July 26th. Amy Clark and her two sons, Robbie & Mitch and Blodge from the Yukon all met in New York to start our adventure to Ghana. As we drove up the driveway, we were welcomed … Continue reading

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I’m Home!!!

This has been quite an adventure and I’ve learned so much and been blessed beyond words. I hope to spend the next week getting reacquainted with Bruce and my surroundings. And then I’ll post some of my favorite “behind the … Continue reading

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Only Three More Days!

The first floor of the building is up. For the past week, everyone has been busy trying to complete the school before I leave. The carpenters removed the wood that held up the cement ceiling. The masons have been busy … Continue reading

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