Work Hard & Play Hard!

The rooster wakes us as early at 3:30 am. I roll over and pretend like I don’t here it. By 6 am, there’s no more ignoring. The voices of the boys in the shower, the brooms sweeping, the giggles of girls as they wake tell me it’s time to get moving. The fire is started. The volunteers help wash dishes for breakfast, carry buckets of water to the builders to mix the cement and ready the kids for school.

Rain or shine, the routine continues. Yet, as hard as the volunteers and kids work, it is no match for the play they bring. Dancing, mancala, jump rope, cards, UNO, clapping games, football (soccer), using a Frisbee to play catch as well as a steering wheel to play bus, crocheting, coloring, taking long sticks and connecting two thread spools to use as a toy, dancing, tattooing with markers, some more dancing and drumming, and more dancing and drumming. There is no lack of noise, movement, and fun here at the orphanage.

There are endless stories that I want to tell, and I will in time. Because of our lack of internet connection, I will add a few more pictures and give an update on the school. The other stories will have to wait until I get home. I leave Ghana on September 1st. Thank you for your patience.

About jodeerobertson

In 2010, my daughter, Molly and I went to Ghana. We fell in love with Mr. Sam, Sarah and all the kids at the Achiase Children's Home. One day while we were cooking dinner by the fire, I asked Sara, “What is your dream? If you had a magic wand and could create your dream, what would it be?” She jumped up and took my hand and said “Mama J, come with me.” We walked on the narrow paths through the jungle and eventually came to an opening in a neighboring village. She said “that is my dream”. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful school. We held hands as we stood together realizing what this conversation could mean. After I returned home, I spent a lot of time thinking and praying about it. Finally, I realized, “We can do this! We can build a school.” We have been raising funds and with the help of family and friends, we have raised the money and I will be heading back to Ghana with several others to make it happen. Feel free to join us on this adventure as we go along.
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