Week Two! The Building Continues.

The school is moving along well. The brickwork for the 2nd floor is complete. The carpenters began building the roof. It seems to be going up quickly.

Yesterday, the volunteers and kids helped to move wood to the second floor for the carpenters. The roofers came today to measure and discuss the cost of a decent roof. I am overwhelmed at times as these builders walk barefoot on bricks at the top of the building with no gear. It’s like watching them walk on a balance beam only they are about 50 feet in the air. Needless to say, my “mama bear” wants to tell them to be careful. They act as though they are walking on the ground. The best plan for me is not to look.

Amy started to work in the library. With the help of 6 other volunteers, they scrubbed and organized the bookshelves and set up an arts and crafts supply room as well. At times it was challenging in that the kids wanted to help (and by help I mean read the books). What a wonderful problem to have. We send our thanks to St. Alphonsus Church for the donation of nearly 700 books. The children run to us and ask us to read to them whenever school is out. They gather around and some read right along with us. It’s a special joy when I hear children read who could not 2 years ago.

While the work continues, there is no absence of play with the kids. The orphanage is up to 40 children now. Last night there were many groups playing clapping games, football (soccer), jumping rope, blowing bubbles, cooking dinner, mending wounds and playing Uno when the electricity went off. The good news…dinner was being cooked over a fire. The good news…it didn’t stop the kids from playing. The good news…Mitch created a dance party with the kids. The good news…we got to hear huge celebrations when the lights returned. Hmmm, not really any bad news. It’s all good news.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our friends Susie and Monica. They are in Amsterdam working on getting their visas. Our arms are open and ready for you two.

That’s it for this blog. Stories about the kids are coming.





About jodeerobertson

In 2010, my daughter, Molly and I went to Ghana. We fell in love with Mr. Sam, Sarah and all the kids at the Achiase Children's Home. One day while we were cooking dinner by the fire, I asked Sara, “What is your dream? If you had a magic wand and could create your dream, what would it be?” She jumped up and took my hand and said “Mama J, come with me.” We walked on the narrow paths through the jungle and eventually came to an opening in a neighboring village. She said “that is my dream”. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful school. We held hands as we stood together realizing what this conversation could mean. After I returned home, I spent a lot of time thinking and praying about it. Finally, I realized, “We can do this! We can build a school.” We have been raising funds and with the help of family and friends, we have raised the money and I will be heading back to Ghana with several others to make it happen. Feel free to join us on this adventure as we go along.
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