I’m Home!!!

This has been quite an adventure and I’ve learned so much and been blessed beyond words. I hope to spend the next week getting reacquainted with Bruce and my surroundings. And then I’ll post some of my favorite “behind the scenes” memories. But for today, I’m simply feeling grateful. Grateful for all of you who have followed on this adventure. Grateful to my Ghanaian family for showing me what unconditional love really looks like. Grateful to my family and friends who have sent support all along the way. Thank you to God for choosing me to have this experience.

When I left Ghana on Thursday, the school building was close to being complete. The library was finished (except for painting). The outside of the building was 3/4 of the way painted. They guys were still finishing up cementing the hallway, entryway and the last couple of classrooms. Here is what it looks like from the outside.


This is what the library and the other classrooms will look like (only painted).

ImageImageThere is an amazing group of volunteers who are there who will be completing the painting. We’ve met several times and volunteers have agreed to take shifts overseeing the library. That will include teaching the teachers how to teach the kids to handle books. They will make sure the “Norms” (some people call them rules) for the library are followed. They ensure the computers are being used to teach the kids computer skills. They will teach the younger kids different learning games with some of the toys provided. It’s a big job and I know these folks will rise to the occasion. Feeling huge gratitude for them.

I could easily spend the rest of the day sharing stories, but instead I’m going to go enjoy a nice fire, some music and sweet conversation with Bruce. Thank you all again for being on this journey with me. More later.

About jodeerobertson

In 2010, my daughter, Molly and I went to Ghana. We fell in love with Mr. Sam, Sarah and all the kids at the Achiase Children's Home. One day while we were cooking dinner by the fire, I asked Sara, “What is your dream? If you had a magic wand and could create your dream, what would it be?” She jumped up and took my hand and said “Mama J, come with me.” We walked on the narrow paths through the jungle and eventually came to an opening in a neighboring village. She said “that is my dream”. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful school. We held hands as we stood together realizing what this conversation could mean. After I returned home, I spent a lot of time thinking and praying about it. Finally, I realized, “We can do this! We can build a school.” We have been raising funds and with the help of family and friends, we have raised the money and I will be heading back to Ghana with several others to make it happen. Feel free to join us on this adventure as we go along.
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7 Responses to I’m Home!!!

  1. Suzan Lang says:

    So happy you are home safe and sound. Thank you for your wonderful stories dear sister…LOVE reading them and usually they bring me to tears…love you so much. Please post the photo of the kids in the outfits you had made for them…love to see that. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Galaxy says:

    Oh, Jodes. The emotions you must be feeling. Such amazing gifts. So many lives changed, altered really forever because of you, of who you are. We are all so blessed to have the gift of you in our lives. Looking forward to seeing you once you “re-enter” and are ready. I’ve missed you and couldn’t be more proud of what you have achieved. It is humbling and inspiring. I adore you. G

  3. Sandy Hill says:

    Hi Jo,
    My daughter recently returned from an IVHQ trip to the Achiase Children’s Home in Ghana. She has money she would like to donate to the orphanage but isn’t sure the best and safest way to go about making sure it is received and used appropriately. If you have any information you could share with us in that respect, please email me at txsandygirl@tx.rr.com. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Sandy,
      How wonderful that your daughter got to have the experience with the kids in Achiase. They are so incredible and loving. I hope your daughter’s transition is easy. THank you for your message. THere are a couple of ways that you can send them money. One is, I will be returning to Ghana in August of 2014 to complete the school. If she’d like to make a donation that way, she’s welcome. She can easily do it from http://www.bethechangeghana.org. I’ve also sent them money through Western Union or there’s a way to send money to their bank. IF any of those work for you, please let me know and I’ll send you more information.

      Msny blessings,

      • Sandy Hill says:

        Thank you, JoDee, as soon as she has her donation together, we will use the PayPal account on the website. I’m so glad to hear you are headed back there next fall to finish the school. I hope you are able to reach the goal set to finish the project. I have been following the work of you and your daughter, Molly. My daughter was very moved by the children there and overwhelmed by the whole experience. She has her master’s in social work and is back in Texas looking for a job now. I hope she can use her experience in Ghana to someday help others!
        In Christ,
        Sandy Hill

      • Thank you, Sandy,
        I’m sure this experience will be inside of her for a long, long time. For the past 3 years, how I see things is really different. Wasted food, access anything, things I would complain about – I realize they are 1st world issues. So, they helped me love bigger, waste less and motivated me to make a difference in this world. I’m forever grateful. I’m sure your daughter experiences some of the same.
        Thank you for considering making a donation. It is tax-deductible and I will send you a receipt. RIght now I have a $10,000 matching grant. So, any funds that come in now will be doubled. Thank you for raising a daughter who would want to go to Africa and love the kids.
        We are truly blessed.

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